The Wanted is an upcoming Action/Adventure Crime film being produced by AIC Entertainment. 

Produced by Eddie Luna, the film is written and directed by Adrian Ivan. The film will star Ivan, Luna, and Oscar Phoenix, who will also compose the film's score. The film is currently in development and is expected to be released circa 2016-2017. 


The film is set in El Paso, TX. Vince Kellick (Adrian Ivan), Jack Daniels (Oscar Phoenix), and Lee Smith (Eddie Luna) are three professional criminals looking to escape their criminal ways and start a new life, but after a getting involved in a sabotaged drug deal, the boys are forced to go back to the life of crime and are forced to join a gang known as The Syndicate led by a ruthless, unstable mob boss named Red Eyes. After doing a couple of jobs for Red Eyes, the boys begin to earn alot of money, but their success is cut short after a drug pickup gets stolen from them while on a drug deal sabotage. Red Eyes becomes very angry and turns them over to Lieutenant Kelly, who runs the El Paso Police Department's Gang Unit. Kelly prepares to have the boys sent to prison, but the boys escape and decide to murder Red Eyes for betraying them. After the killing, the boys are kidnapped by the American Mafia and learn that Red Eyes had been taking out massive loans from Mafia-backed loan sharks and businesses. Since the boys had killed Red Eyes, they were responsible now for paying off the loan. Not knowing how they were going to pay the debt, they decide to commit a classic bank heist.


According to Adrian Ivan, development of The Wanted began in early 2013, when he wrote the first original screenplay. Filming was originally going to take place in Summer 2013, with a film release intended for 2014, but the film was pushed back when Adrian Ivan decided to re-write the entire script in order to mature the story and make it more dramatic and believable. 

In August 2014, Ivan announced the 3 year delay of The Wanted to late 2016 to early 2017. Ivan cited his favor of working on The Merc of High School as the main reason for the delay. He also emphasized the notion that The Merc of High School could become a massive success, allowing AIC Entertainment to earn alot of money and therefore the money can be invested into producing The Wanted.


*as of August 2014

  • Adrian Ivan - Vince Kellick
  • Oscar Phoenix - Jack Daniels
  • Eddie Luna - Lee Smith
  • Ivan Roman - Lieutenant Eugene Kelly


AIC Entertainment currently has plans to upload the film to YouTube, and a DVD/Blu-Ray version. 

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