The Wanted: Part II is an upcoming Action & Crime film that will be produced by AIC Entertainment. It is the intended sequel to The Wanted. Development of the film will begin after the release of The Wanted. 

Set right after the events of The Wanted, the film's plot focuses mainly on protagonist Jack Daniels and his struggle to bring the crew together in order to escape El Paso. According to Adrian Ivan, the sequel will be more dramatic and emotional than the original, and it's focus on Jack Daniels is intended to fill in for much of his "absence" in the original film in terms of dialogue. 

The Wanted: Part II will be a full-length, full budget film that is currently intended for a theatrical release, possibly making it AIC Entertainment's first film to be released to theatres worldwide. 


NOTE: The following information pertaining to plot below may be subject to change in the final film release. 

The Wanted: Part II takes place right after the events of The Wanted. Vince Kellick is in jail, awaiting trial for the bank robbery. Jack Daniels escaped but is in hiding, and Lee Smith is allegedly dead. Lieutenant Kelly is leading the prosecution case against Vince and is still actively trying to hunt down Jack.

After Jack stumbles upon Lee Smith's wallet inside the safehouse, he discovers the phone number of his twin brother, Eric Smith. He calls it and discovers that Eric hangs out at a bar called "The Barracks". Jack heads over there and finds Eric, who has three friends. Jack meets all of them and explains to them his intentions of busting Vince Kellick out of jail before he gets the death penalty. Although reluctant at first, Eric Smith and his friends agree to help Jack. 

Jack leaves the bar and is soon kidnapped by undercover police officers. He awakes inside an interrogation room sitting next to Lieutenant Kelly. He violently confronts Jack, but Jack ends up freeing himself and knocks Kelly out, before escaping the police center in a police cruiser disguised as a cop. 

Jack returns to The Barracks bar with the obtained equipment. He shows Eric and his friends the stuff, including the guns found in the back trunk. 

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