Neil Darkan, infamously known as "Red Eyes" , is one of two antagonists in The Wanted. He is the boss of the organized crime syndicate known as the Immortals. He oversees the gang's narcotics distribution and drug trafficing rings. He deals with Vince Kellic, Jack Daniels and Lee Smith during the events of The Wanted. He ends up being brutally murdered by the three men when he double crosses them in a betrayal. 

Birth Edit

Not much is really known of Darkan's past. Sources indicate he was born as an immigrant from Belfast, Ireland. He was never formally educated in any way, and according to an immigration document, his parents were killed in a terrorist attack perpetrated by the IRA. 

Immortals Edit

Neil established the syndicate, and has ran it untill his death. He has murdered several gang members who betrayed him or did not obey his rules. His underboss was a mob known as Jay. 

Death Edit

Neil Darkan was viciously murdered as revenge by Vince Kellic, Jack Daniels, and Lee Smith after Darkan betrayed and turned in the three men to Sergeant Major Kelly and the Feds. After the three men escaped from jail, they went over to Darkan's hangout and murdered him with a single gunshot wound in the head in the stuggle that insured. It is unknown what happened to his body after his death. 

Personality Edit

Neil is an evil, bitter, and insane person. He tends to go crazy at the slightest things. He's not exactly Santa's little helper. 

Weapons & Equipment Edit

Neil seems to perfer not to use ranged weapons such as firearms, and use blades instead. He carries 2 Daggers and occasionally uses a machette. At one point however, he uses a thowing knife. 

Despite his disapproval of firearms, he has an arsenal of firearms for his gang members to use, and gives Vince, Lee and Jack fireams at one point in the movie. 

Appearance Edit

Neil wears a black trenchcoat with black boots. He wears red shades, which reflect his nickname, although the originality of his nickname is unknown. 

Notable Murders Commited Edit

  • Amy Daniels 

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