Pubeyland Amusement Park is an amusement park in The Wanted universe. It is located in Southwest Park, NM off of Interstate 10. 


Pubeyland Amusement Park includes a roller coaster called the El Tripita, many other rides and games such as a ski lift, train ride, and a "Himalaya" ride. It is frequently visited by El Pasoans and New Mexicans alike every year, despite it being noted as a boring amusement park. 

Events of The Wanted (video game)Edit

In The Wanted (video game), it is available as an attraction to visit during free roam. All rides including the El Tripita are can be ridden on. The park however, is only open from April to October, and is closed during the winter and early spring months. 

If you are playing as Lee Smith, the player have the ability to purchase it as property for $150,000 and the player will recieve a monthly income of $55,000 during the months the park is open. For $25,000 however, the park can be upgraded with equipment to run all year, and profits will increase as a result.

Trivia Edit

  • The park is a parody of it's real life counterpart Western Playland Amusement Park. The park is often criticized by El Pasoans of being boring. 
  • During driving sequences with Lee Smith while playing as Vince Kellick or Jack Daniels, Lee will talk about purchasing Pubertland Amusement Park and transforming it into a "Strip Club Amusement Park". 

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