Eugene M. Kelly is a police lieutenant within the El Paso Police Department. He is the main antagonist in The Wanted and The Wanted: Part II.


Eugene Kelly was born in 1997 in Michigan to Richard Kelly, a federal judge, and Maria Kelly, a real estate agent. 

Since his parents were notably wealthy, they had Kelly attend a private school untill he graduated at the age of 17, one year ahead of most of his peers. He then attended the University of Michigan and recieved a bachelor's degree in law, his college tuition was paid mostly by his parents. 

After graduation, he moved to El Paso, TX where he became a narcotics investigator for the U.S. DEA. He resigned for unknown reasons after and soon after joined the El Paso Police Department, where he was shortly promoted to lieutenant and appointed the lead officer in the police's newly created Organized Crime Task Force. 


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