Lee Otonashi-Smith, simply called "Lee Smith" (b. December 15, 1998) is one of the main protagonists of The Wanted trilogy. 


Lee was born on December 15, 1998 in Tokyo Japan. His mother, Sei Otonashi, worked as a waitress at a Yakuza-operated restaurant. His father, Yoshiro Otonashi, is a former member of Japan's peacetime army. 

Life before the events of The WantedEdit

When Lee was very young, he lost his mother after she died in a tragic fire at the restaurant where she worked at. The truth was however, that the Yakuza wanted to kill Lee's father so they torched the restaurant thinking he was there, but he wasn't. Lee's father eventually learned of what really happened, but never told his son because of personal reasons, so Lee grew up thinking that his mother had died in an "accidental kitchen fire" untill he would learn the truth many years later.

After Lee's mother's death, his father suffered from a depression. Eventually, he realized that he and his son should move to the United States in order to start a new life and get away from the Yakuza, who still had a price on his head. Lee's father went ahead and purchased two one-way plane tickets to Los Angeles, CA.  

Lee and his father settled in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles. There, Lee atteneded elementary and middle school while his father went to college and became a computer software engineer.  Lee had no disiplinary troubles during this time. He also began to develop an interest for anime cartoons and wanted to learn about computers as well. 

When Lee began high school, Lee became close friends with a fellow Japanese student named Toshiro Urusaki. Toshi, as friends called him, eventually revealed to Lee that he was an aspiring criminal, and wanted Lee to join in on his activities. Lee joined in, and this is when his career as a criminal began. 

Lee and Toshi would do drug runs in LA's run-down neighborhoods such as Compton and those of South Los Angeles. Toshi taught Lee how to get good drug deals, which Lee would later become proficient at doing. Occasionally, drug deals would go bad and that is where Lee was taught how to defend himself with a firearm. The two friends would go on to make 5-figue incomes for themselves. Lee never told his father what he was really doing. 

The truth about Toshi Urusaki, is that he is the son of then-Yakuza boss Choku Urusaki. Choku had been looking for Lee's father for a long time but somehow found the two living in Los Angeles. Although Choku never knew about his son's personal ties to Lee, he ordered that Lee and his father be kidnapped. 

When Lee and his father were shopping at LA's Third Street Promenade, they were tracked down by the Yakuza, knocked unconsious, and kidnapped. They were put inside animal cages and put on a plane where they would be flown to Miami, Florida to meet with the Urusakis and their business partner Congressman Quentin Clint. 

Lee had somehow woke up and realized that Toshi had betrayed him. When he encountered Toshi, his father, and Congressman Clint, Lee reacted violently and threatened to sexually assault all three of them. Choku told Lee about who his father really was, and how the Yakuza attempted to kill him by burning down the restaurant that his mother was at. Unable to accept the truth of his mother's death, Lee turned against his father and told him that he never wanted to see him again. 

Choku then had Clint transport Lee to a seperate Yakuza-operated compound in the city where he would eventually be rescued by Jack Daniels and also would meet Vince Kellick. The three would team up to kill Choku Urusaki as a mission given to them by Congressman Clint. Lee would succeed in taking revenge on Choku, and the three would be given the opportunity to start a "fresh, new life" and would be paid for their services by Congressman Clint has he had promised to them prior. 

He moved to El Paso, TX along with his two friends where he would develop a strong sex addiction. 

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