Richard Anthony Kelly, also known as Judge Richard Kelly or "Dick" Kelly by his close associates, is a character in The Wanted trilogy. 


Richard was born on Oct. 13, 1967 in New York, NY to a couple of Italian immigrants who ran a restaurant in Manhattan. He attended school and graduated top of his class. He later attended Harvard Law School and graduated. He became a lawyer during which time he met his wife. They gave birth to Eugene Kelly soon after, and he later became a federal judge.

During his career, he befriends Rutherford Halligan whom he frequently does favors for in Miami, Florida. He also worked in El Paso, TX as the chief judge of their municipal court. 


Richard was at the Fountainbleau in Miami enjoying a self vecation when he was assassinated by Jack Daniels . An investegation (set up by Congressman Quentin Clint) ruled that the assassination was a gang hit and the alledged assassin was killed and indentified weeks later. 

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