Jack Daniels, formely known as Robert Halligan, (b. June 6, 1998) is one of the main protagonists in The Wanted trilogy.  

He is portrayed by Oscar Phoenix.


Jack was born as Robert Halligan on June 6, 1998 in Miami, FL. His father, Rutherford Halligan was a wealthy business magnate who ran a banking corporation out of Miami. His mother, Lucy Halligan, was a high school teacher. 

Because both of Jack's parents we're always busy with their careers, Jack was often left at home with a babysitter. Sometimes, the babysitter would show up late or not at all. The family estate's landscaper was tasked to watch Jack if that was the case. 

Suffering from depression and mental instability, the landscaper snapped all of a sudden and decided to kidnap the young Jack and hold him for randsom, thinking that Jack's rich parents would give her alot of money for Jack. After a police confrontation, the landscaper ultimately decided to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head. Jack fell to the ground wrapped by the arms of the dead landscaper. The police retrieved Jack and returned him to his parents. 

Shortly after this incident, Jack's parents decided to send him to private preschool. Initially he was to be homeschooled, but this incident has made Jack's parents re-think his safety inside their home. 

At the age of 14, Jack reached private high school. He soon started to be bullied, verbally and physically. He would often come home crying, and would often refuse to go to school the next day. His father became concerned and soon enrolled Jack in a self-defense mixed martial arts class. Jack was trained by former professional fighters from organizations like the UFC. Little did he know that his training would come in handy in the later parts of his life. 

At the age of 16 in the midst of his junior year, Jack was confronted by his bullies one day after school. Nobody was around, so the bullies decided to assault Jack using a baseball bat. Using his MMA skills, Jack managed to take the bat away from one of the bullies and beat all of them up, sending them all to the hospital. 

Jack then heard on the news that one of the bullies (the main one, actually) had died. After hearing this, Jack decided to ultimately run away from home, knowing that he is wanted for murder. Jack used money he stole from his father's bank account to pay for hotels he stayed at, trying to evade the law. Eventually, he desired to flee Miami untill be ran into FBI special agent Quentin Clint.

Clint is a corrupt FBI agent who has strong ties to an American Yakuza chapter. He finds Jack intending to use him as his "hired muscle" and deal with Clint's problems. Clint offers Jack money as well as protection if he completes these missions. His first mission was to assassinate a judge who was leading an investegation panel against 



Jack is a quiet and reserved individual. Unlike the other protagonists, he can keep cool very easily in dire situations. He also seems to always be the meditator of the protagonists, as he is always the one who settles squabbles and disputes between them. 

Knowledge and Skills

  • He knows alot of war history, as well as balistics (the study of firearms and firearm projectiles) 
  • He is an expert at using DMR's (Designated Marksman Rifles), sniper rifles, handguns, and SMG's (submachineguns) 
  • He is an expert computer and systems hacker. 
  • He is exceptonally proficient at mixed martial arts combat, from training he took in his teen years. 


  • He is a fan of classic rock music. 
  • He is the most intelligant of the three protagonists in The Wanted universe. 
  • Creator Adrian Ivan named Jack after the popular whiskey drink. 
  • Jack also likes to drink whiskey, but he knows his limits. 
  • He is the only protagonist to never use illegal drugs so far. 
  • Every gun that Jack ever uses is suppressed. 

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