This page covers development releases in all of The Wanted movies.

During development, ideas, plots, scenes, dialogue, sequences and even characters are removed or changed in the final product. These changes are called "development releases". 

The WantedEdit

Original ScreenplayEdit

Creator Adrian Ivan began development of The Wanted in early 2013 when he wrote the original screenplay. In mid 2014, the screenplay was re-written and finalized, but the original storyline and plot remained the same for the most part.

  • According to the original screenplay, the movie was originally going to be much shorter than it is. The movie was made shorter for financial purposes. 
  • The screenplay had 14 acts, but these acts were very short.

Character ChangesEdit

  • In early development, Lee Smith's name was going to be "Lee Wolf", but his name was changed after Eddie Luna created Kal Wolf
  • Lieutenant Kelly's original rank was going to be "Sergeant Major", but after research by the development team, it was discovered that there is no "Sergeant Major" rank in the police force and this made the character and the movie unbelievable and unrealistic. His rank was changed to "Lieutenant" in the final screenplay.  
  • Officer Barney was removed in the final movie. He was originally going to be Lieutenant Kelly's assistant, but was replaced by Liz Gallen. 
  • Red Eyes' personality was much more vulgar and aggressive. He frequently cursed. 
  • Amy Winston was removed in the final movie. She was going to be married to Jack Daniels, and would be brutally murdered by Red Eyes. Amy however, is going to debut in The Wanted: Part II as Jack Daniels' love interest.
  • Eduardo Ravelo did not exist in the original screenplay. He was added into the movie along with Barrio Azteca. 

Plot ChangesEdit

  • Originally, Vince tried to join the U.S. Army instead of the Police Department. This change was most likely done to make the plot more realistic, since the Army still recruits convicted felons, but only in certain circumstances. 
  • The drug pickup near the beginning of the movie was also much different. Originally, the boys would have been sabotaged by Officer Barney, but Vince Kellick would have shot him and the boys would escape. However, the boys would eventually be screwed when it is discovered that the drug stash contained marijuana, not cocaine.

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