Big Booty Judy is the first book in the Kal Wolf Trilogy. It was written by Eddie Luna as an erotic fictional storytale. The Kal Wolf universe and The Wanted's universes are seperate and not interconnected. 


Big Booty Judy follows the story of a psychotic sex/porn addict and rapist Kal Wolf, a 20-something male, along with his partner, a camera operator named Ned Luke. 

Kal and Ned worked for Booty Tech, a porn company ran under Judy Harlem, or "Big Booty Judy" as Kal calls her, because of her large buttocks. Judy is an ex-porn star turned businesswoman in an attempt to dominate the porn industry and make millions. Kal desperately wants to have sex with Judy, but after facing rejection, he, along with Ned, hack Booty Tech's website and upload revealing pictures Kal took of Judy on the frontpage. They both get busted and Judy fires the two.

Kal decides that he wants to revenge, and decides to come up with a plan to sabotage Booty Tech, rape Judy, and record it for his own pleasure. He forces Ned Luke to come along with him, and during the process, Kal ends up raping every woman he meets, with Ned recording it and uploading it onto porn sites. They both become the most wanted criminals in town, and an ex-special forces police officer named Officer Pubey attempts to hunt them down.                               


  • Eddie Luna, the book's author, is the Chief of Marketing for AIC Enterprises and portrays Lee Smith in The Wanted. 
  • There currently only one copy of the book ever written, and due to concerns of getting caught with the book, Luna threw it down a sewage drain. 
  • However, he began writting the book's sequel, Cindy Wolf

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