Ascorato Park is a fictional park in The Wanted universe. 

It is located in El Paso, TX, and is one of the filming locates of The Wanted


Ascorato Park is the largest city-mandated park in the city. It has 2 lakes located parallel to eachother. It was once the site of Pubert Land Amusement Park before they moved to Southwest Park, NM. 

Current attractions include renting a boat and boating on the largest lake, jogging or walking around the park, and feeding the ducks. There is also a playground and swings for children to enjoy (unless you're an immature adult, then go ahead. Fall on your ass!) 

Adjacent to the park is Ascorato Country Club. 

Events of The Wanted Edit

The park is the setting of one scene in The Wanted


  • It is based directly off of Ascarate Park, it's real-life counterpart located in El Paso, TX. 

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